As of September 11, 2023 ,HUSHAN Autoparts acquirement E24 10R-06/02 4928 00 for Certificate.

E-Mark certification is the European Common Market. For automobiles, motorcycles and their safety spare parts, noise and exhaust gas, etc., they must pass product compliance certification in accordance with the provisions of the European Union Directives (EEC Directives) and the European Economic Commission Regulation (ECE Regulation). requirements, that is, the issuance of a certificate of conformity to ensure driving safety and environmental protection requirements.

Since October 2002, E-Mark certification has been implemented. According to the requirements of EU Directive 72/245/EEC and the amended directive 95/54/EC, all automotive electronic and electrical products entering the EU market must pass E-Mark. Only after relevant testing and certification and E-marking are affixed, the customs offices of EU countries will release the products and allow them to enter the local market. Therefore, E-Mark certification for automotive electronic and electrical products is imperative.

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