Who We Are

About Hushan Autoparts Inc.


What's the first thing we touch before entering our car? 

Door handles. 


What's the first thing we look at before driving off? 

Rear view cameras.  


Without these parts, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for cars to function. 

This is where Hushan comes in.  


Hushan is the largest aftermarket door handle manufacturer in the world. We are the industry leader in new parts development with over 10,000 parts available in stock, and develop over 1000 new items every year.

In recent years, we focused on developing parking cameras and sensors. In Nov.29, 2019, we became the first CAPA Certified Participant in parking cameras/sensors.

In 2021, we have 50 cameras SKUs certified by CAPA. We partner with Tier 1 suppliers such as Nidec Lens and ON Semi, we ensure the latest technology for superior quality. We have standardized camera hardware and structure for over 1,000 SKUs, and we have cameras structure patent(Patent# NP31343, U.S. Patent)to protect our clients.

All camera products meet the FMVSS 111 safety regulation by NHTSA. With over500+SKUs available in stock. Our products are 100% inspection in house to ensureop quality.We aim to develop over 100 new cameras annually.

Hushan is the first CAPA manufacturer for parking sensors. 100% of our parkingsensors will be CAPA Certified. Our parking sensor detection testing follows ISO17386.We aim to submit 50 CAPA parking sensors application per year.





Market Coverage

More than 500 customers in 100 countries.


Registered Capital



No. of Employees



SKU Coun

More than 10,000


New product development

1000 SKU every year


1972       Hushan, formerly known as Zheng-Yi, was founded by Mr. Chun-Hsieh Chen in Banciao, Taipei County

1982       Changed company name to Hushan. “Hushan” means "Tiger Mountain" in Chinese

2004       Second generation, Mr. YC Chen, joined the company

2005       Relocated to Ruifang Industrial Park in New Taipei City

2008       Adapted Data Systems ERP

2010       Acquired new warehouse (20,000 sqm).

2010       Established plastic injection department

2012       Implemented Moldex3D CAE 

2014       ISO 9001 Certified 

2014       Obtained patents for door handle sensor device (USA, Japan, Taiwan, China)

2015       Implemented WMS (Warehouse Management System)

2016       Built new door handle factory. (20,000 sqm) & implemented automatic raw material feeding system for injection machines

2016       TS16949 Certified 

2017       Established R&D Center and production line for cameras and sensors 

2017       The first manufacturer to obtain NSF registration on rear view cameras

2018       Established service/testing center in PA, USA

2019       The first manufacturer to obtain CAPA certification on rear view cameras

2019       Acquired new land for future logistics center (24,000 sqm)

2020       Relocate to new office headquarters (8,000 sqm)

2021       Obtained patents for Tailgat Handle Cameras (USA, Taiwan)

2021       Implemented BPM (Business Process Management) EasyFlow System

2022       Established Hushan US R&D Center in LA, USA

2022       Implemented CRM, SCM System

2022       The first manufacturer to earn CAPA certification for parking sensors